Santiago de los Caballeros Accelerator

How can projects along the Rio Yaque bring together diverse stakeholders in a shared vision for the future of SDLC?

Santiago de los Caballeros is defined by its relationship to the Yaque del Norte River. Once an asset to the community, its riverbank and streams are now polluted with solid waste and untreated sewage, contributing to recurrent flooding events. The Accelerator team focused on issues regarding river restoration, ecological stewardship, and flooding infrastructure by facilitating a design charrette that helped further the discussions of projects being currently developed under the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Program (ESC), an Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) initiative.



The Resilience Accelerator brought together IADB representatives, the consulting firm IDOM, which is currently working on project designs, the Santiago de los Caballeros municipality, and other actors from the city to discuss the projects and offer local knowledge for their design and implementation.

The Accelerator workshop aimed to align stakeholders and planning for the implementation of three projects:

  •  The Bellavista project includes a levee, improved drainage systems, and park in the Bella Vista community. The team discussed how investments in infrastructure can create resilient communities.
  • The Suelo Duro project is a plan to relocate an informal community that sits just north of Bella Vista. The intention is to provide dignified, safe housing that maintains the social fabric of the community.
  • The Market Hospedaje Yaque project is a strategy to transform and organize the largest produce market in the region while considering how the city can improve traffic congestion within the market’s area of influence and minimize food waste.






Linda Schilling



100 Resilient Cities

Interamerican Development Bank a (IADB)

Municipality of Santiago de los Caballeros