Tel Aviv-Yafo Accelerator

What design interventions can help Tel Aviv address the urban heat island effect?

The City of Tel Aviv-Yafo is dealing with increasing impacts from the urban heat island effect and aims to advance understanding of the social and economic impacts of heat, particularly in relation to community capacity to access and engage in public, outdoor spaces. Through the Accelerator program, the team will spatially analyze thermal imagery alongside social vulnerability indicators to identify and prioritize neighborhoods with the greatest vulnerability to heat exposure and impacts.



This process involves mapping the City's "hot spots," including the microclimate of the city using satellite and local thermal imagery; developing case studies of urban heat mapping methodologies and solutions in partnership with The Port School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University; exploring applications of design solutions in prototypic sites; and producing a refined concept for a scaled urban heat island mitigation program. This work will result in planning principles, a replicable research methodology, and actionable design opportunities that include renewable energy approaches, accessibility to open spaces, and strategies for outreach to vulnerable communities.





Grga Basic

Johanna Lovecchio



100 Resilient Cities

City of Tel Aviv - Yafo

The Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University