CRCL Facilitates Workshop with Israeli Ministries

January 13, 2020

On January 13, 2020 the Israeli National Ministry of Energy, in partnership with CRCL and Resilient Cities Catalyst, convened a working group of ministries across the national government of Israel, a selection of local municipalities, and non-government stakeholders and experts. By bringing together expertise across energy, science, environment, finance, planning, and health, the workshop aimed to increase awareness of future climate projections, impacts, and vulnerability on the national scale and begin the process of defining a nationally coordinated strategy to address urban heat. The learnings of this workshop will also help to inform the specific research and engagement needs that can support the work ahead in advancing the governmental agenda for urban heat.

The workshop built off of the Resilience Accelerator implemented in Tel Aviv-Yafo, where the CRCL and RCC partnered with the municipality and Tel Aviv University to define a wholistic research program across agencies and institutions, deliver an intensive interdisciplinary design workshop, and prepare design concepts for adaptation projects in the public realm.