Linda Schilling

Associate Research Scholar

Linda Schilling is a Chilean architect holding a Masters in Urban Design from the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Currently an Associate Research Scholar at the Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes (CRCL), she is researching and developing workshops around the subjects of ecological stewardship, river restoration, and flooding infrastructure for both the Dominican Republic and Uruguay in Latin America.

Prior to joining CRCL, Linda focused on questions related to methodological approaches of the architecture discipline, exploring storytelling tools alongside issues of scale and accountability. Architecture Without Architects (2013) at Arquitectura Film Festival Santiago and Volutorios (2016) at 100En1Dia, are some examples. As a William Kinne Fellow, she is currently doing research for a short film, Scheherazade’s Tale: The Many Lives of Aqaba, Jordan, which develops an analysis of this coastal city representation through media. Aqaba is then compared with other coastal cities in the region and their terraforming activities in an effort to understand the ecological implications of new urban orders brought by financial speculation.