Montevideo Accelerator

How can integrated scenario planning help the City realize the ecological and social potential of the Pantanoso Stream Basin?

The Pantanoso Stream Basin in Montevideo faces interrelated socio-economic and environmental challenges. Nearly a third of Pantanoso households fall below the poverty line, making certain neighborhoods within the basin among the most vulnerable in Montevideo.The City hopes to transform the area by creating strategic interventions that address social inclusion, economic development, environmental restoration, and climate change adaptation. Montevideo has created a draft master plan for the region which includes, resettlement of conceptual approach to informal communities and creation of green spaces.



In partnership with the Universidad de Montevideo – Espacio Interdisciplinario Aguas Urbanas and the City of Montevideo, the Resilience Accelerator will elevate and evaluate options for intervention. Through this effort, the Resilience Accelerator will map the significance of wetlands lost over the past 30 years, define potential future climate scenarios for the Pantanoso Basin, and develop design options based on case study and site-specific research for actions that restore and preserve wetlands. Actions evaluated and advanced at the workshop may be included in the final Montevideo Pantanoso Plan and the subsequent workshop report will be developed that captures the workshop discussion and design directions. This report will be used to advance planning and shared with other cities facing similar environmental, economic, and social challenges related to wetlands.






Linda Schilling

Grga Basic

Walter Baethgen



100 Resilient Cities

Intendencia de Montevideo

Universidad de la República, Uruguay